Our Services

The experienced and highly qualified team of medical professionals at Community Medical Associates continually aim to provide quality services to meet the needs of our communities.

Here are some of the various medical services that we administer.

Pediatric Care

Pediatric care centers on the comprehensive care of children, from newborns and infants to children and young adults. This can include preventive care, sick visits, wellness exams, vaccines, and medication management. Nothing is more important than your children, and our doctors and staff provide expert care for them.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine focuses on a wide range of conditions for adults that affect the internal organs of the body. An internist has the necessary medical training to provide precise medical guidance, the key for both disease prevention and ordinary care.

Family Medicine

Family physicians are uniquely trained to treat people of all ages and for a variety of conditions. Focusing on families, family physicians often work with patients throughout their lifetimes, developing ongoing relationships to achieve the best possible health outcomes. In addition to treating chronic illnesses and diseases, your family medicine specialist performs routine checkups and can advise you on changing certain habits to prevent diseases and improve your overall health.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health services are provided by a licensed clinical social worker. Services include individual and family psychotherapy.